Our Services

ReShapeMD is the hub of our patients’ wellness management

•  Annual physicals and prevention visits

•  Physical Therapy

•  Weight Loss/Obesity

•  Fatigue/Strength concerns for Men

•  Chronic Conditions treated by lifestyle intervention:

         •  Diabetes

         •  High Cholesterol

         •  Certain Cancers

         •  Fibromyalgia

         •  Depression

•  Wellness, tests & screenings:

         •  Adult physicals

         •  Cholesterol screening

         •  Diabetes screening (Glucose & A1c)

         •  Hormones

•  Treatment options

•  Medications

•  Health Coaching

•  Nutrition services

We work with insurance providers to provide the following services:

Are you ready to take charge of your healthcare?


We’ll review, without judgement, your weight (current and past), overall diet, eating patterns, and various lifestyle components. A signature comprehensive plan will be tailored specifically for you – one that includes general nutrition pointers, menu suggestions, tips for hunger management, and portion control. You’ll also receive an estimate of your daily caloric needs and a summation of how to best feed both yourself and your family for optimal health.


Every aspect of your personal fitness will be assessed (including: body composition, cardiovascular health, muscular strength, endurance, posture and balance, and overall mobility) and compared to the norms of your age and gender to develop a customized exercise plan for you.

What are your goals and motivations? How can you improve on them both? Together, we’ll create a series of concrete actions through which you can achieve success. ReShapeMD’s experts will then help keep you accountable with routine check-ins that will both monitor your progress and serve as additional motivation to build on what you’ve already accomplished.